Liposuction for Men

There is a powerful, positive effect to confidence. Healthy self-esteem allows us to consistently perform at our personal best, and it puts those around us at ease. Innate human nature prompts us to feel more confident when we are satisfied with our appearance. This is equally true for men and women.

Cosmetic surgery has long been viewed a path for women to feel better about their bodies. However, recent years have shown a dramatic increase in the number of men seeking surgical and non-surgical face and body treatments. Men want to feel good mentally and physically, and are bombarded as much as women by advertising that promotes physical beauty. Many men find that diet and exercise does only so much to sculpt their body. To reach the pinnacle of success, a man may consider the benefits of liposuction.

liposuctionMiami surgeon Dr. Alan Serure is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has been named a Top Doctor by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. for two consecutive years, and has also been recognized as one of America’s Most Compassionate Doctors. He has been board-certified since 1986. Who better than a thirty-year veteran of plastic surgery to help you achieve your ideal contours?

Common Treatment Areas for Male Liposuction

Men are just as concerned about the appearance of their midsection as women. Some of the common areas treated with liposuction include the abdomen and flanks. Some men also ask about liposuction in the neck area. Dr. Serure insists on the best outcome for our patients. Using the latest techniques and taking ample time to discuss what liposuction can and cannot do, he prepares patients to have realistic expectations.

Through years of practice, Dr. Serure has perfected the liposuction procedure, leading to full customization for each patient. The surgical procedure dissolves fat, making it easier to remove through a tiny tube. This technique leads to a more sculpted body with minimal post-op discomfort.

Liposuction is intended to address small areas of accumulated fat. Patients are encouraged to prepare for their treatment by developing healthy habits that will keep them looking and feeling good for years to come. This fat removal procedure is a compliment to healthy weight management, not a substitute for it.

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