Can Fat Transfer Surgery Help You Get the Body You Want?

Body Fat TransferIf you have irregular curves, sunken cheeks, or really any body part that you want to change, come talk to Dr. Serure about a fat transfer procedure. Similar to liposuction or fillers, it is a more permanent solution and is also sometimes known as fat grafting.

What Happens During the Surgery?
If you know what grafting is in relation to plants, it might help you better understand this surgery. Basically, when plants are grafted together, a branch from one plant is carefully cut off and then bound to another plant. The second plant then grows around the branch to accept it as its own. For example, this is often done with fruit trees, and an apple branch would be placed on a plum tree. However, not all branches are compatible with each other.

Fat transfer works in a similar way, but instead of branches or limbs, we graft fat from your body. Fat is removed from part of your body—let’s say the hips or stomach—where you have extra fat that you don’t want. The fat is then processed and purified and then reinjected back into your body. But this time it is placed in an area where you’d rather have it. This is often the face, butt, or breasts.

Why Is It So Great?
Fat grafting works so well because it is essentially natural. Your body won’t reject or react to the injected fat, because it came from your body in the first place. Just like certain fruit trees will only accept certain other branches, your body is the same way. While you might have a negative reaction to processed and packaged fillers, your own fat will pose no problem. Similarly, as your fat is reaccepted by your body, it will get its own blood supply and be nourished by your body, causing the results to last essentially permanently.

In addition, this is a non-surgical procedure, meaning that there is next to no recovery time and very little scarring (that only occurs thanks to the liposuction/fat removal stage). It’s a win-win-win situation! If you want the best body you can have, come talk to us today!

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