You Don’t Have to Look Like a Rhinoceros with Rhinoplasty

RhinoplastyAlthough the name might remind of you of a rhinoceros, rhinoplasty has nothing to do with the animal. The real case is that they share the same root: rhino, which means nose. A rhinoceros is called such because of its horn, as you probably could have guessed. And rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery on the nose. If you feel like you look like a rhinoceros and want a smaller nose, or want a bigger or more shapely nose, rhinoplasty is the surgery for you.

What Happens During the Surgery?
While your doctor can inform you on how to prepare, you are probably curious as to the process that will give your nose its new shape. What happens while you’re out under the anesthesia?

First, we need to actually talk about the anesthesia. Depending on the depth of your surgery and your surgeon, you will either by placed under general or local anesthestic. If you opt for local, this means that the area will be thoroughly numbed and you will be sedated enough to be groggy, but you will not be entirely asleep. General anesthesia is where you are completely asleep. Most of the time, you will be administered anesthesia via an IV.

After you are asleep it is hard to say exactly what will happen. Each nose job is customized to you, your current nose, your future nose, and who is performing the surgery. When you are in your initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss all options and possibilities with you. You should always know what is going to happen. It is, after all, your body.

However, there are some basic elements that will remain the same. For example, the point of entry. The surgeon will either perform the surgery inside your nose or he will make a tiny cut at the base between the nostrils through which he can adjust the bone and cartilage.

What Materials Are Used to Make the Change?
If extra material needs to be added to your nose to achieve your desired shape, have no fear: only the best materials will be used. In fact, most of them will come straight from your body! If only a small amount of extra cartilage is needed, your surgeon will probably take it from further in your nose or even your ear. If he needs more, the cartilage or bone might come from a rib or a tested implant material.

No matter how you want to change your nose, come talk to Dr. Serure today!

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