The Shape of your Face may Shape your Life

faceliftJudging a book by its cover is something most of us were taught to avoid as much as possible. At the same time, another common lesson is often presented to us: to always put our best foot forward. When you put these two life lessons side by side, what do you see? Do you recognize the contradiction? Why would we need to put our best foot forward (we’ll touch on this one in a minute!) if we are not being judged by our “cover?” Now for that foot . . .

To put your best foot forward means to make a good impression on someone. How do we do this? It’s not our Jimmy Choos, it’s our face. When you think of making a good impression with your face, you might feel thankful for the Botox you got last month. There’s so much more to this theory than that, though. For centuries, the idea of face-reading has been more than interesting fodder; it’s been a very real and inherent skill that all humans have and use.

You may realize this to some extent. Research tells us that a person with droopy, heavy eyebrows seems unfriendly and unapproachable. Upturned corners of the mouth gives a person a more friendly vibe. The truth is, everything from the size and shape of your lips, chin, and ears to the shape of your face is put into the brain’s hefty database, where it computes to character traits.

For instance,

  • If your face is round, you are subconsciously perceived as warm and friendly, possibly emotional, too.
  • If you have sharp angles to your square face, you exude ambition, but also a potentially dominating and aggressive character.
  • Your oblong face may suggest that you tend toward “workaholism.”

We could go on endlessly about the ways that our face presents our character. We could even point out evidence found in current research that shows how a person’s face directly affects their life. But the real point, the Silver Lining, if you will, is that, whatever your face shape, the size of your lips or nose or chin, these things can be changed.

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