Tummy Tuck Facts you Should Know

tummy tuckHave you been yearning for your pre-mommy body? Has weight loss caused a different problem, sagging skin? These are issues that many men and women are able to resolve with the tummy tuck procedure. Popular around the world, this cosmetic plastic surgery can restore the smoothness and tightness you once enjoyed. It may even give you contours you didn’t realize you had.

Tummy tuck surgery is incredibly common and extremely popular. How could it not be? It gets the job done! Before deciding that this is the perfect path to a better body, though, it pays to obtain the fullest extent of information you can about the procedure, what it really does, and what you might expect.

The purpose of the tummy tuck procedure is to contour the midsection the way that best suits your overall physique. It’s a method of contouring, not a method of removing fat. The end result is a smaller waist size, in most cases, but that may not translate into lower weight. If there are stubborn fat cells refusing to let go, these can be addressed with liposuction.

Liposuction can get rid of lingering fat cells prior to the tummy tuck is performed to tighten loose skin and muscle tissue. There is no need to schedule two separate procedures, though, they can safely be combined into one surgery.

The decision of when to have your tummy tuck could be a big one. Not only do you need to plan adequate time for recovery, but there is also the issue of your state of health prior to surgery. Women who want to regain slimmer contours after childbirth are encouraged to give their body time to restore balanced hormone levels. Also, the skin and abdominal tissue continues to bounce back for several months following childbirth. Waiting until the body has settled can maximize the results – and the recovery – from tummy tucking.

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