Facial and Body Treatments for your Unique Needs

face and body rejuvenationIn the Miami office of Dr. Alan Serure, patients find the care that they need to address specific concerns related to facial and body aesthetics. Dr. Serure has obtained a great deal of training in various plastic surgery procedures. Our practice also offers non-surgical treatments to restore the appearance of youthfulness. More than a long list of services, though, we focus on developing the right treatment plan for each individual. It is this level of personalization that brings about satisfactory results time and time again.

Refresh the Facial Aesthetic
The appearance of facial features is integral to feelings of self-confidence and satisfaction with one’s image. If the shape of the nose, ears, chin, or other features is overly large or not defined, we can design a plan to reshape and resize in a manner that brings out the very best in the problematic part of the face. Many of the issues that we hear are related to the changes that come with age. These are quite difficult to avoid due to the various factors tied to them. This does not mean, though, that we don’t have several methods of reversing the signs of aging.

While cosmetic plastic surgery remains an excellent solution through which the brow can be lifted, the forehead smoothed, and the neck tightened, many of today’s patients are choosing to address such concerns with non-surgical techniques. We are happy to oblige, and offer outstanding treatments like Botox and fillers to restore the appearance of youth in just one visit.

Bring on the Best Body Shape
The size and shape of the body also changes as we go through life. Dr. Serure performs a variety of procedures to help patients enhance their shape on their terms. This may involve enlarging the breasts or the buttocks; it may revolve around minimizing the size of the midsection, or sculpting the hips, flanks, and thighs. From liposuction to abdominoplasty to brachioplasty, our patients receive care that gives them back the confidence they once had in their physical form.

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