Pampering Yourself After Breast Revision

Breast Revision RecoveryRecovering from breast augmentation surgery is stressful in the first place. How much more when you find out that you have to undergo another breast surgery to correct your previous one? A breast revision surgery may seem like too much hassle, yet it could be vital to your health and disposition.

Here at our Miami plastic surgery practice, it’s our top priority to listen to the concerns of our patients and make the entire experience, from consultation to recovery, as comfortable as possible. So don’t worry. Even after multiple procedures, you can still recover graciously from your follow-up surgery. Here’s what you can expect during your recovery from breast revision surgery.

Immediately after your surgery

While you may feel like you need to stay in bed all day after surgery, it’s actually important to get up and start walking as soon as possible. This helps promote blood circulation in your body and speeds recovery. However, it will still be several days before you will be able to return to your regular activities.
After your surgery, you may feel some pain as the anesthesia starts to wear off. Expect some swelling and redness on the surgical site, as well. If symptoms persist or worsen, contact your surgeon immediately.

Recovering after the cuts and stitches

Dr. Serure will provide you with all the necessary post-operative instructions to have a safe, successful recovery. Expect to receive instructions on the importance of wearing supportive compression garments, taking antibiotics, caring for your drains, and more. You will also be advised on what activities you are OK persuing while you are healing from surgery.

Breast revision in Miami, FL

There’s always room for a second chance. Get your breast implants corrected today! Call us at (305) 669-0184 to request a consultation with Dr. Serure and get the breast size and shape you have always wanted.

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