Your Brows Need Professional Intervention

Brow LiftIt’s amazing how the contour, angle, and fullness of our brows affect our overall look. As we age, brows tend to sag and drop. To turn back these effects of time, a brow lift can be the answer.

Of Brows and Facial Harmony

While brow treatments have evolved over time, from tweezing your way out of a monobrow to a brow lift procedure, there is no denying how one’s eyebrows effectively make up the shape and frame of your face. With a little lift, you could look a lot younger. Since it is a common “side effect” of aging for the brows to sag and droop, many patients resort to a little stretching of the skin in the forehead to turn back time.

Here Comes a Brow Lift

A common surgical option is a brow lift procedure. Such intervention involves the lifting of the eyebrow to return it to its natural position, before gravity and aging took their toll. The result is a rejuvenated look that appears natural. The quality of the outcomes from brow lift surgery are dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon.

Brow Lift in Miami, FL

Dr. Serure has extensive experience performing various facial plastic surgery procedures, including brow lifts, and can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. To book an appointment with Dr. Serure, call us today at (305) 669-0184. We would love to hear from you!

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