Should You Need to Stay in Hospital After Breast Lift Miami ?

The recent buzz regarding the decision of Angelina Jolie to undergo a double mastectomy procedure illustrates the freedom of women to choose what to do with their body. That they have ultimate say on the form and shape of their bodies, or problematic breasts for that matter. In the same spirit, the same can be said for those women contemplating on improving the appearance of their drooping breasts.

When breasts sag or droop, they look unflattering to the overall physique of a woman. It can make her appear older and with a less balanced body contour: confidence is shattered. Breast sagging typically occurs to women after pregnancy or after undergoing significant drop in weight. (Natural ageing is also another factor or a contributory factor.) The drooping may not only involve sagging breast form, but as well as downward pointing or uneven nipples.

Miami Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alan Serure performs breast lift surgery or mastopexy with proven competence and precision. The procedure is intended to surgically lift your breasts or a single breast into a shape that is more youthful and firm. In the process, you will have a better harmony in your body form. Dr. Serure’s Breast Lift Miami is a procedure known for its customization,  based on a patient’s aspirations, physical condition, and the level of sagging.

Indeed, upon careful evaluation and consultation with you, the lifting technique, incision type, and kind of anesthetics will be personalized by Dr. Serure. For instance, the Miami Surgeon may recommend for a minimally invasive but maximum impact breast lift procedure, if you have less sagging and better skin elasticity. He may also suggest in combining lift with other breast or body contouring procedures to achieve comprehensive outcome.

Mastopexy is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, so you may need not stay in the surgical facility or inside the hospital after the operation. But if you live far from Miami and upon his recommendation, Dr. Serure will give you option to stay in an accredited medical facility so your recovery progress can be regularly checked by him.

Get to know more about this surgery from Dr. Serure himself, and also find out if this is an ideal procedure for you. To schedule consultation, please call our office at (305) 665-0184 or submit this Online Reservation Form.

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