Face Lift Miami : Comprehensive Solution Against Skin Sagging

Skin sagging may be caused by numerous factors, but it is likely triggered mainly by the natural process of ageing. Such skin sagging may affect your face – including the cheek, chin and neck areas – and subsequently rip through the heart of your self esteem. For, after all, how can you be confident in facing the world with a face filled with loosened and sagging skin?

The best way to overturn this cosmetic situation, in most cases, is through a face lift surgery or otherwise known as rhytidectomy.

Miami Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Alan Serure is highly skilled in facelift procedures, including various techniques and variations. His face lift Miami surgery is known for its well hidden incisions and precise surgical outcome. He accomplishes such performance – by working closely with each patient to discuss every aspect of the surgical procedure from pre-op preparation to recovery period.

The rhytidectomy surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure in Miami, with option to have an overnight nurse to assist you in the first few days of recovery at the comfort of your home or nearby hotel. Dr. Serure and his staff will see to it that you won’t experience any discomfort during the entire surgery duration. For one, you will be given option as to the preferred anesthetics, such as “twilight” sedation or general anesthesia.

Furthermore, the face lift surgery may also be combined with other plastic surgery procedures for a more comprehensive outcome. Facelift may be undertaken together with eyelid surgery, or it may be done together with the administration of fillers, chemical peels, or laser resurfacing.

But before you are allowed to consider facelift procedure, Dr. Serure will evaluate if it is the most suitable surgery for you. At the very least, you are required to be at optimal health condition and should quit smoking before rhytidectomy may be undertaken.

Moreover, you will be made to understand the pros and cons of rhytidectomy – especially on the essential point that it is a surgery with downtime and recovery steps, as well as the reality that potential risks such as bruising and swelling are quite expected post-surgery.

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