Breast Revision Miami: Is it Good Option After Previous Failure?

It is oft-said that to err is human, perfection is divine. Can it also apply to surgical procedures? Yes. Fortunately, a surgeon committing an error is not the general rule in today’s modern plastic surgery world. Had it been the case, imagine the wastage of time, money and effort on the part of the patient and doctor. Imagine as well the disaster in terms of patient’s physical appearance. And yet, “errors” still do occur in surgical procedures – which are not necessarily fault of the surgeon.

If you underwent a breast surgery (augmentation, lift, or reduction) but you are unhappy with the results, you may consider having a revision surgery to –  so to speak – right the wrong.Hence, under the qualified hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon, you can opt for a revision procedure to fix your breast form, shape, or size.

Here are some reasons why a revision operation is sought for:
– Changing the old breast implants;
– Adjusting the breast size;
– To re-lift the effect of previous “breast lift”;
– Replacing saline implants with silicone implants;
– Eliminate breast wrinkling and rippling;
– Repositioning implants that have shifted; or
– Correcting tightness and capsular contracture.

But at this point, the relevant question would be: after previous surgery failure, would it be good option to have another breast surgery? There is no simple answer, as it all depends on your readiness, personal need, and cosmetic desire. But if you really want to achieve that aspired breast form or size and you are willing to take another plunge, be sure to secure the services of a plastic surgeon with proven skills and who is detail oriented and artistically inclined.

For over the past two decades, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alan Serure has proven his prowess in performing Breast Revision Miami procedures to hundreds of different patients (mostly women). Understanding the need of an individual patient and the root of problem with previous surgeries, Dr. Serure has made many a happy patient in Miami. He will engage in straightforward and thorough discussions with you before deciding on any potential operation.

Please call the office at (305) 665-0184 or submit this Online Reservation Form to schedule a consultation, as you’ll be evaluated individually by Dr. Serure and staff.

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