Mini Tummy Tuck Miami: Another Viable Option for Abdominal Issues

Even to the most physically conscious person, the body may sometimes seem to have another plan of its own. All of a sudden as you increase in age or even if you just lost significant weight, there may appear excess fat and stretched out skin which may bring about unpleasant effect to your overall appearance and allure. Consequently, your confidence may be greatly compromised. When you have tried various types of exercise and diet regimen to no avail, the best strategy at this point is to consider a surgical procedure for much needed aesthetic help. Look for a plastic surgeon with proven competence at body contouring procedures.

If the aesthetic concern involves your abdomen or tummy, the typical surgery to undertake is known as Tummy Tuck Surgery or Abdominoplasty. One of the highly popular procedures these days, tummy tuck is intended to eliminate loose abdominal skin and excess fat in the tummy area – especially those that manifest after pregnancy or major weight loss. The underlying cause for this type of body contouring issue: the skin may have lost elasticity and fatty tissue may have accumulated in the abdomen during pregnancy or when the body underwent considerable weight transformation. Abdominoplasty is aimed at creating a firmer and thinner appearance of the tummy by tightening the loose stomach muscles and removing extra fat and skin.

Committed to excellence, Miami Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alan Serure has another viable surgical option to abdominal cosmetic issues: Mini Tummy Tuck Miami . Also known as mini abdominoplasty, this procedure is undertaken for either men or women whose tummy contour conditions are not that severe to require a full abdominoplasty. Dr. Serure will utilize a mini abdominoplasty technique if you have less redundant lower abdominal skin. Compared to full tummy tuck, Mini Abdominoplasty is more concise and thus requires lesser downtime and speedier recovery period. Moreover, a smaller bikini scar is created which can be concealed by even the smallest bikini.

You are an ideal candidate for this surgery if you are in optimal health condition with stable weight and without a history of blood clotting disorders. You must also quit nicotine intake, some weeks before surgery. Nevertheless, Dr. Serure will make the determination whether mini tuck is more appropriate for you over full abdominoplasty, or if another body contouring procedure altogether like liposculpture is better suited. One of the most sought after surgeons, Dr. Serure has maintained an exclusive plastic surgery practice in Miami, Florida since 1985.

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