Thigh Lift Surgery Miami : For Smoother and Proportioned Thighs

They may not be the usual areas in the body that garner your immediate aesthetic concern, but thighs having problematic appearance may prove to be very difficult to counter. For one thing, the so-called “fatty thighs” cannot normally be solved through exercise routines. They do not normally go away with a diet regimen either. Instead, a well-executed thigh lift surgery is necessary to fix your thigh skin issues.

With almost 3 decades of exclusive plastic surgery practice, Miami Body Contouring Expert Dr. Serure performs masterly precise thigh lift surgeries. He can reshape your thighs by eliminating (or reducing) their extra skin and fat. This surgery is undertaken to achieve your desire for firmer and more youthful-looking thighs and consequently attain a more proportionate total body image. Dr. Serure will examine closely your physical condition, medical history, and cosmetic aspirations to determine if a surgical thigh lift is appropriate for you.

Skin laxity in your thighs may be due to significant weight loss, pregnancy, lack of exercise, aging, or even genetic factors. During a Thigh Lift Surgery Miami, Dr. Serure will create small incisions in the upper thigh crease. Such tiny incisions are intended to tighten the loose skin of the inner and upper thighs – after, of course, the removal of excess thigh skin and fat. As an individualized procedure, the Miami Plastic Surgeon will examine extensively your particular thigh contour details to design an ideal surgical plan.

At any rate, thigh lift surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia. However, it is advisable for out of town patients to stay in Miami for two weeks or so in order that they can be observed closely and necessary post operative care can immediately be given. To achieve smoother and more proportioned thighs, you must be in optimal health condition and should stop smoking at least some weeks prior the surgery day.

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