No More Fatty Arms

One patient of mine came in for a consultation and was very frustrated.  This lady was buffed up and told me her story.  She said that she had fatty arms so she decided to hit the gym in the hopes of getting rid of the fat in her arms.  Mind you, she did get rid of it after months of working out, but then her arms had a very muscular contour and she was so frustrated because she still wanted to look feminine and all she wanted was slimmer arms.

Many women face the same problem.  They all want slimmer arms but find that working out makes the arms muscular.  A good solution for getting a slim contour for your arms is arm liposuction.  Using this procedure, my patients get youthful and slimmer arms without the hassle of having to go to the gym or going through fad diets.

This procedure works best for those with excellent skin elasticity in the arms.  For those with excess skin, an arm lift can be done together with the procedure.  At the Alan Serure Plastic Surgery, an arm liposuction involves using microcannulas to break down the fat in the arms and suction it out later on.  It is very important that patients know that arm liposuction should be done by someone who has extensive experience in the procedure because it’s ideal to maintain a certain amount of fat in the arms to maintain the feminine contour and softness that is unique in women.  It’s not as simple as getting a liposuction in other parts of your body, so visit our clinic to make an appointment with my team who has years of experience on this procedure.

Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Alan Serure and learn more about arm liposuction and how it can benefit you.  Call us at 305-669-0184 today.

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