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3 Easy Home Exercises to Tone the Arms

No one likes flabby upper arms, especially with all of today’s sleeveless fashions. While an arm lift with Dr. Serure is a solution to “bat wings,” you can try certain exercises first before you should opt to have surgery. Here are three exercises that will tone your arms. Your arms can need a lift. Weight […]

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Three Ways To Improve Your Upper Arms

Are your upper arms flabbier or saggier than you’d like? There are three ways you can improve your upper arms and feel more confident about your appearance. Here’s what you can do: Build Muscle If you are relatively young and healthy, you may be able to improve your arms with exercise alone. Focus on exercises […]

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Wear Tank Tops Sans the Drooping Arms

The cold winds of winter are coming to an end. It’s time to say goodbye to those bulky coats and unflattering sweaters and say hello to the soothing summer sun. But annoying saggy arms could keep you from donning your favorite tank tops. If you think you’re stuck with your sagging arms, you’re wrong — […]

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Arm Lift or Arm Lipo: Which to Choose?

Sometimes, as the list of available cosmetic surgery procedures grows, people are confused about which procedure fits their situation. That is definitely the case with arm lifts and arm liposuction. Here are the things you need to keep in mind when considering your options. Are you a candidate for an arm liposuction? Liposuction removes pockets […]

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Bye Bye Saggy Arms

I overheard two ladies in my waiting room telling stories about how different they looked when they were younger. One of them said: “Remember the time when you raised your arm and nothing wiggled? Now even hailing a cab can be so embarrassing because my arms are also waving for me!” Saggy skin is part […]

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Preparing for an Arm Lift with Dr. Serure

The appearance of excess skin and fat in your upper arm may just limit you from wearing sleeveless dresses and tops. However, a Miami arm lift with Dr. Alan Serure may just help you improve the appearance of your upper arms through the removal of localized fat and loose, excess skin. Pre-Procedure Preparations 1. Be […]

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