Become the Thigh Master Without a ThighMaster

Thigh LiftDespite the fact that procedures like tummy tucks and breast augmentations get all the attention, there are many other procedures that can give you drastic results. One of these is the thigh lift. In fact, you’d be surprised at how a thigh lift can change your appearance and your confidence levels. You can wear those shorts again with ease; they might even be Daisy Dukes!

Are You a Good Fit for a Thigh Lift?
Some people think that body shaping procedures like a thigh lift are to remove extra fat. Instantly go down a few sizes! But that is actually not the case. While some fat may be removed, that is not the main purpose of the surgery.

Instead, you are a good candidate for the procedure if you are already at a healthy and steady weight. You must also have a lot of extra skin drooping along your thighs. This usually occurs if you have already lost a lot of weight, but the skin was too stretched out to return to a smaller shape. The surgery will remove and tighten the thigh’s skin.

In addition to the specific thigh conditions, you must be in good general health. This means no preexisting medical conditions. If you’re a smoker, you must quit before the surgery. You will also need to stop taking medications like ibuprofen for a few weeks immediately proceeding your thigh lift.

The most important consideration, however, is that your doctor thinks you are a good candidate. There may be other outstanding factors that make you a good or bad fit. After all, he or she is the one who will be allowing you to undergo surgery and even performing it.

Cosmetic Choices
During a pre-surgery consultation with your doctor, you will decide together what parts of the thigh to address and how much they will be toned and formed. Whether you pick a lateral thigh lift that deals with the outside of the leg or a medial lift that works on the inner thigh, you will have the thighs of your dreams with the help of your surgeon. There will be no more nightmarish, dropping skin.

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