Skin Care: Go Back to the Basics

Skin CareWe so often get caught up in our busy lives that we forget to do the simple things. We usually remember to brush our teeth and take a shower (at least, I hope we remember those things!), but do you remember to give your face and skin the proper care it deserves? After all, your skin is what protects your body from the elements, from disease, and from much more. It really takes a beating, and it’s actually really simple to take care of it. And not only will this simple routine keep your skin healthy and working properly, it will also keep it looking great. A simple skin care schedule will eliminate blotchy skin, wrinkles, and acne.

Here are some tips for how you an establish your basic skin care regime.

Know Your Skin Type
Is your skin dry and flaky? Maybe it is extra oily, especially around your nose. You could even have just normal skin. Or perhaps it is some combination, each area having it’s own feel. This is your skin type, and knowing it and how it needs or reacts to different products is crucial in formulating your skin care routine.

Of course, even two people who have dry skin will vary greatly. Pay attention to what works for your skin and what irritates it. Knowing your skin will give you the upper hand in working with your dermatologist to choose the correct products.

Protect Yourself
It doesn’t matter if you tan and don’t burn, you need to be protecting yourself from the sun. Those harmful UV rays attack even when you least expect it. This means you should be wearing SPF 15 (minimum) sunscreen every time you go outside. Nowadays, many foundations or moisturizers already contain sunscreen to make sure you’re covered. If you like less hassle, you might want to opt for one of those.

You also need to protect yourself against stress and other mental problems. Stress can lead to acne and wrinkles. You might be surprised at what scaling back and managing your stress can do for your skin.

In the End
Even if you don’t really have any skin problems, make sure you have a dermatologist on hand who can help you if any need arises. But once you have a basic schedule down, stick to it! Avoid touching your face, stay calm, and wash your face every day as you’ve been personally instructed, and your skin should be healthy and radiant!

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