Choosing Laser Over Surgery

There are various alternatives to invasive cosmetic procedures these days. Laser treatments have been gathering a great audience all over the world as patients do not have to go under the knife. Some patients have an active lifestyle and do not want to be taken aback by the downtime that comes with surgeries.

Benefits of Laser Treatments

More Precise, Less Invasive 

Compared to traditional surgical tools and instruments, laser technology offers a more precise treatment as it is able to target specific areas that need treatment. With this technology, there is lesser possibility for surrounding tissues to be affected or harmed during the procedure. If there is a need for incisions, they can be made shallower and much shorter when done in conjunction with laser therapy.

Shorter Trips to the Doctor  

Most patients who prefer laser treatments often applaud the fact that laser treatments can be done much quicker than a traditional cosmetic surgery. Oftentimes, treatments that use laser are done in an outpatient basis. This means no overnight stays in the hospital after your procedure.

Quick Recovery 

If cuts and sutures are involved, there are greater chances for you to experience side effects for a much longer time. Meanwhile, laser treatments often promote faster healing. Not just that, patients also experience lesser swelling, scarring, and post-treatment pain.

Laser Treatments in Miami, FL  

Get a quick, painless treatment today. With laser treatments, a more flawless, youthful skin is yours for the taking in just a zap! Give us a call at (305) 669-0184 to book a consultation with Dr. Serure today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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