Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Treatment with Dermal Fillers

Many of our patients in Miami, FL choose injectables because it is a minimally-invasive method to correct the unwanted effects of aging. With the various dermal fillers to choose from, patients often neglect the essentials before resorting to this type of treatment.

When choosing injectable fillers, or any cosmetic treatment at that, there are some things you have to keep in mind.

  • Do not just think of the price. A good skin care service provider is someone who administers a treatment or service without compromising quality. Remember that you are only getting what you  are paying for.
  • Only get treatments or procedures that are extensively explained to you in detail. During your initial consultation with your doctor, it is vital that the doctor provides details regarding the desired procedure – especially if it has a slight degree of invasiveness like dermal fillers.
  • Make sure to disclose your health history, including medical conditions that you might have or every single medication that you are currently taking. They are essential in determining your eligibility for the procedure and to avoid any unwanted results from your treatment.
  • Always be aware of what you are being injected with. After all, you are the one being treated so know what comes and goes from your body. Moreover, a good doctor will ensure that you are always in the know throughout the whole process.

Injectables in Miami, FL 

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