3 Easy Steps to Lose the Weight in Your Cheeks

Chubby cheeks do not always look as cute as it sounds, especially if you’re already an adult. The good news is that losing the plumpness in your cheeks is possible. Although it can be done by losing weight, there are also different methods that you can try.

Tip #1: Modify your diet.

  • Keep yourself hydrated. When you don’t drink enough water, chances are your body will take it the wrong way and store excess water in certain parts of your face, like the eyes and cheeks.
  • Minimize the salt and sugar. Salt and refined sugar in the body cause your body to retain more water. Avoid foods that have lots of salt and sugar.
  • Avoid alcohol. This tip can go a long way. But in the case of losing chubby cheeks, it is especially helpful since you get dehydrated while drinking alcohol, leading to more water retention in the body.
  • Go for fruits and vegetables. Going healthy can give you a lot of benefits – and will also rid you of those chipmunk cheeks. Fruits and vegetables have lots of water in them in the first place.

Tip #2: Facial exercises…they work!

  • Chew gum. Chewing gum does not only freshen our breath and keeps us from boredom, but it can also help in losing that annoying weight from our cheeks. While we are repetitively chewing, the jaw is strengthened as well.
  • Perform the jaw opener. Open your mouth wide and round. Hold this position for a few seconds. After which, you may relax your jaw and repeat the routine ten times. Don’t overdo it though since it can make the jaw sore.
  • Perform the X-O exercise. For 15 times, pronounce the letters X and O profoundly. After a short break, repeat this routine for three times. This motion does not only strengthen the jaw, but it can also burn fat from your cheeks.
  • Make puffy cheeks. While your mouth is closed, fill the cheeks with air. Move this air from one cheek to another for 10 times. Do this exercise daily.
  • Massage the cheeks after the exercises.

Tip #3: Tell your doctor about it.

Some of the medications you are taking may be causing you to store water in the body. Your doctor can prescribe you with other medications to prevent this from happening. Cheek reduction may also be recommended for effective removal of fat in your cheeks.

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