Recovering from a Brow Lift

A brow lift is an option for patients with sagging skin along the forehead region. Due to the signs of aging, the skin sags in a way that makes us appear more tired and older by the minute. A brow lift can reverse those unwanted signs away. However, many patients are concerned with their recovery from the procedure.

There’s no reason to fret though. With the right dose of information, your brow lift operation will be a breeze.

What to expect after a brow lift

Recovery for every individual would depend on the type of method used: either the classic or endoscopic. In either case, you will still have staples or stitches on the incisions made during the procedure. These stitches may be removed in a week or so. In other cases, your doctor may install temporary fixation screws beneath the hairline to keep the position of the elevated brow, which will be removed in more or less two weeks.

Signs and symptoms post-surgery

As with most cosmetic procedures, brow lift patients will most likely experience bruising and swelling on certain parts of the face, which may include the cheeks and eyes. In about a week, the swelling should subside. To alleviate the discomfort, you can elevate your head, especially when sleeping, two days after surgery or gently apply ice compress to the treated site.

As with patients who have undergone the classic method, more pain may be experienced during the recovery phase. However, this may be minimized through the use of prescription pain medications. There may also be presence of itching, but nothing that will not go away after a few months. Those who have undergone the endoscopic method will experience these symptoms as well, but less on the pain and more on the itching side effect.

Both methods will cause you numbness or tingling, which will subside as time progresses. The classic procedure can cause more numbing than the other.

Returning to daily activities

Most brow lift patients may return to school or work after about 10 days, but some may do so sooner. A few weeks after the procedure, it is advised to avoid vigorous and strenuous exercises such as heavy lifting.

We all want a smooth recovery after surgery. Dr. Alan Serure will be able to give you more information regarding that. Give him a call at (305) 669-0184 and book an appointment with him today.


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