Taking Care of Your New Chin

Beautiful woman with pink lily isolated on whiteNow that you already have a new chin, it is only appropriate that you take proper care of it to maintain its beauty. A chin augmentation can be pretty invasive, which means that it will require you some downtime and a lot of effort to promote a speedy recovery.

Dealing with Your Incisions

Because the procedure involved cuts and stitches, you are left with the responsibility of taking care of your wounds to avoid infection. In the case of extra-oral incisions, or incisions that are made outside of the mouth, it is important to keep topical creams and lotions away from the wound as this can cause inflammation. Meanwhile, when it comes to intra-oral incisions, it is important to keep your mouth clean at all times. You may be advised to rinse with a good mouthwash several times per day. Avoid touching your incisions with your finger or your tongue to prevent further complications.

Managing Pain and Soreness

Patients who have undergone a chin augmentation usually experience tenderness, soreness, and stiffness in the area, which could aggravate with movement. Although pain tolerance varies from patient to patient, these unwanted symptoms will subside over time. Just be sure to take your prescribed medications and follow your surgeon’s instructions.

Getting Rid of the Swelling

Swelling will be most probably present after your chin augmentation. Don’t worry. This is the body’s normal reaction to an injury. This can be experienced for three to five months following your surgery, yet it is usually just a minor discomfort and is rarely noticeable. If you feel like your swelling is beyond normal, give your doctor a call.

Chin Augmentation in Miami, FL

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