What to Expect During Fat Transfer

Natural BeautyMost of us may have already heard a lot about dermal fillers and how they can plump up hollowed areas of the face. But what if we tell you that you can do so without using synthetic fillers? Yes, it is possible. With the use of your own fat, you can get rid of facial signs of aging the natural way.

Use Your Own Fat!

Known as fat transfer, this cosmetic procedure makes use of your own body fat to improve facial contour. Not only that, fat transfer is also able to improve the appearance of scars and rejuvenate your hands and face. Read on to find out what happens during the procedure.

Going Through the Fat Transfer Procedure

Harvesting. Your surgeon will choose an area in your body that has a considerable amount of fat to remove. With a local anesthetic, a small incision will be created in the area and a cannula is inserted to carefully extract fat.

Purification and transfer. When enough fat has already been harvested, the fat cells will then be prepared for fat injection later on. A purification process will be used to remove any impurities in the fat to be used.

Injection of fat. The areas in your face that will receive the graft is then prepared. Your surgeon will inject a cannula or needle into the site to be augmented. The needle may be injected multiple times to achieve your desired results. The process will create a grid of grafted fat. Once fat has been transferred, the area may be massaged to create the desired contour. Once the procedure is done, a bandage or dressing is applied over the treated area.

Fat Transfer in Miami, FL

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