Is it Your Brows or your Eyelids that Need the Lift?

The eyes are a reflection of your inner vibrancy. They shine when you smile, and are crucial to the impression you make on others. A problem that has become increasingly clear to cosmetic plastic surgeons like Dr. Serure is that heavy brows and eyelids affect a person’s sense of confidence. To refresh the appearance, one must address the right issue that is occurring around the eyes. This may be the brow line, the skin on the eyelids, or both.

A Beautiful Brow Line

browliftBeautiful brows are not only shaped well, but also positioned well. When you look at your reflection, you want to see a brow line that rests at the same height as the upper orbital rim, or the bony structure above the eye. If the brow falls below this ridge, the eyes become increasingly closed off. The result is that you appear unfriendly, angry, and tired.

Youthful Eyes

It is not the eyes that give way to age, but the skin around them. This is problematic because the changes that occur with age are nearly impossible to avoid. As the body’s chemistry changes and the production of collagen and elastin decrease, the fibers that make up the supportive matrix beneath the skin begin to fray and break. With minimal support and no way to naturally rebuild collagen stores, the skin loses its resiliency and tautness. As a result, the upper eyelids may sag. Sometimes, the problem becomes so bad that vision is affected.

Addressing the Eyes with the Right Procedure

There are a few different ways to rejuvenate the eye area. Many people can obtain the improvement they seek with injectible solutions such as Botox, to lift the brow, or with dermal fillers, which minimize lines and wrinkles around the eyes. However, results from such treatments cannot compare to the changes made with brow or eyelid surgery.

The brow lift addresses the entire upper area of the face, including the forehead. The procedure removes excess skin and repositions the brow to a more youthful location at the orbital rim. In lifting the brow, the upper eyelids may also be lifted. When skin laxity is either the primary problem or a secondary problem in addition to a drooping brow, eyelid surgery can be performed to give achieve a more open, friendly appearance.

Put your best face forward. Call the South Miami office of Dr. Serure for more information on brow lift or eyelid surgery.

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