Find the Fountain of Youth in a Brow Lift

Models - 48As you get older, your skin starts to wear out and sag. It’s the worst nightmare of many, many people: wrinkles, deep lines. No one wants to look like an old witch—especially not when you still feel like the 20-something you once were! Luckily, there are many options available to help your face look at youthful as you feel. While there are many injectables that are viable options, one of the most effective options is actually a surgical one: a brow lift.

Why Should You Get a Brow Lift?

There are many advantages to having a brow lift. The main one is that it will drastically transform your entire face. While it will specifically target trouble regions on your face (such as your forehead or bridge of your nose), your face overall will look smoother and younger. In addition, it can prevent your eyelids from drooping and interfering with your vision. You will look more awake.

Different Types of Brow Lift

There are a few different types of brow lifts. These include:

Lateral Brow Lifts

Also known as temporal brow lifts, these are very effective in the majority of cases. If your brow is starting to hang low and become a hood to the rest of your face, this surgery will help tighten up the skin. Incisions are made in the sideburn region around the temples.

Endoscopic Brow Lifts

Although generally the positioning and technique is very similar, an endoscopic brow lift uses a small camera to help make your face the best possible. The surgeon will insert a small camera through the incisions. This allows more work to be done inside the body itself, requiring a smaller incision. Not only is the incision smaller, it is also made on the scalp, usually meaning it is less visible. This surgery is less invasive and very effective. It really works when working with the medial brow.

Coronal Brow Lift

If there is one specific place in your brow that you really want to target, this is the lift for you. The incision is long, from ear to ear, but this allows the entire forehead to be lifted. It’s easier to access and trim extra skin with a longer cut.

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