Get Your Breasts Bikini Ready With Miami

shutterstock_87662980Summer time is coming up, and we all know what that means: swimsuit season. Although most people focus on getting their stomachs and legs bikini ready, you don’t want to miss one very important part. Your chest is just as important as your stomach, and you want to make sure that your breasts are the perfect shape and size. However, because you’ll barely be covering up, you want a procedure with as little scarring as possible. What’s a girl to do?

The answer comes in our Miami breast lift. MIAMI stands for “Minimally Invasive and Maximum Impact” and it’s a perfect acronym, as it will help you remember that this procedure is perfect for showing off your new bod at those Miami beaches all summer!

What Makes You a Good Candidate?

Do your breasts swing low? Do they sag without a lot of bounce or elasticity? If this is the case, you are unfortunately not a good candidate for the Miami lift. You can get another lift, but there will probably be more scarring. In order for this procedure to work best, you need to have great skin elasticity.

The Cut

The Miami lift incision is not too large, and it usually goes around the areola, making it smaller and less noticeable. Your breasts can be lifted, making them perfect for your beach body, but with a small and hidden incision that won’t be visible, even with all that bared skin.

The cut is what most people are most concerned about when it comes to breast augmentation. This is why Dr. Alan Serure has worked hard to perfect the MIAMI technique. Just like the name says, you will have a huge affect with a tiny incision that barely invades or affects your body.

The Final Decision

As you try on swimsuits to get ready for the summer, don’t get discouraged if your breasts sag down a little more than you want. This comes naturally, and you can conquer it. Don’t worry about your chest ruining your bikini body. If you chose the Miami breast lift, we’ve got it under control.

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