How Long Breast Lift Results Last

Having a breast lift procedure done can give you firmer, younger-looking chest that you’ll love! But most women worry that after having the procedure done and making such a large investment, their breasts will eventually return to the previous state and undo all the great results. But how long can a breast lift really last?

A breast lift procedure is done by lifting any sagging skin up and trimming excess. In doing so, your doctor also raises the nipple and areola so they face up instead of down, in a natural state.

Typically, breast implant results are permanent, unless the patient gains or loses a lot of weight or goes through a pregnancy. The position of the areola and nipple are permanent and they will stay like that.

The problem most women encounter after a breast lift comes when signs of aging start to show through. Loss of volume in the breast occurs naturally, but can be slowed in a few ways:

  • Eating right to avoid the weight gain/loss that can cause sagging and volume loss in the breasts.
  • Exercising with toning exercises to keep the area firm and full.
  • Using some firming creams to keep skin from sagging.

Following these steps will certainly help the appearance as your body ages, but sometimes a lot of volume is lost and you may require implants then to restore the shape. Another option of course would be to have implants inserted at the same time as your lift so they can be done simultaneously. This will also save you two surgeries and two recoveries,

Breast lift [procedures can be permannetas long as you take care of your body and consider having implants done when going for your breast lift consultation. Dr Alan Serure has lots of experience doing just hat and can help you achieve the look you really want!

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