Realistic and Yet Satisfying Mommy Makeover Procedures in Miami

It cannot be denied that there is a growing popularity in the surgical procedure known simply as “mommy makeover”. To some extent, it is considered a miracle surgery, as it caters to numerous body contouring issues, by those who have successfully undergone with the procedure in the past. Unfortunately, despite the peak in recognition and attention, there are still so many wrong notions about mommy makeover.

Not a Single Procedure

Likening the procedure to typical surgical operations like liposuction and arm lift surgery, there is a notion by some people that mommy makeover is a procedure performed in a single day for a single ultimate goal. However, it is actually a combination of two or more plastic surgery procedures that may be undertaken in a single day or in stages with gaps of a few days or weeks in between procedures. Mommy makeover is akin to a collective name for all the cosmetic surgery procedures undertaken on a mother patient, after taking into account the collective effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding (in some cases, the effect of aging is also included). The rub here is that all component procedures are taken in consideration of a more comprehensive, ideal and synched outcome for the patient.

No Single Formula

There is also the notion that mommy makeover procedures would always constitute the combination of a liposuction surgery and a breast reduction surgery. That is true but it is not necessarily true for all mommy procedures. The component procedures will depend upon each patient’s needs and desire. For instance, one mother may require a combination of liposuction and tummy tuck and breast reduction. However, a different patient may necessitate for a breast enlargement, arm lift and lipoplasty. Furthermore, mommy procedure is not confined to breast and body surgeries – some patients may want to include facial surgery procedures like a face-lift operation.

In Miami, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Serure is highly successful with this collective surgical procedure. He puts great weight upon detailed and comprehensive planning of a mommy makeover. He will make sure that you are thoroughly fit – physically and mentally – for all the surgical operations that the mommy procedure would possibly entail. Indeed, for the Miami Plastic Surgeon, careful planning is already half the battle won. He makes sure that each patient understands all the aspects of this procedure, from pre-op preparations to full recovery period. More than the safe surgical operations themselves, Dr. Serure is mindful that the road to recovery and post-operative steps are some of the crucial elements of a mommy makeover surgery.

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