Overview of a Safe and Satisfying Rhinoplasty Surgery Miami

Whether done for aesthetic or functional consideration or for both purposes, rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a major plastic surgery procedure. Since the nose is a central feature of your face and the nasal form is highly influential to your overall face structure, the surgery is crucial for you and the plastic surgeon who will undertake it. On the part of the surgeon, he must be superbly skilled and experienced to achieve your desired outcome.

There is no such thing as ideal nose form that is universally true for all people. Your unique facial structure (considering the total shape of your face and all the component structures found on your face) and the kind of look that you desire are major considerations for a rhinoplasty operation. In other words, it is not only the nose that is going to be fixed or altered by rhinoplasty. Thus, the chosen surgeon should be careful in creating a surgical plan and in soliciting your intended surgery outcome.

In Miami, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Serure will work on your rhinoplasty surgery with the ultimate consideration of creating a more harmonious and proportionate appearance of the face by improving the appearance and contours of your nose. But before going for a go on Rhinoplasty Surgery Miami, he will have to sit down with you and seriously discuss your planned surgery. This initial discussion is to determine whether you are personally convinced that a nose surgery is needed or not – because only you alone (not Dr. Serure) who can fully decide whether your nose really needs enhancement. And if personally decided already, only you alone still who can gauge the extent of surgical change that you would want to happen.

For Dr. Serure’s part, before the actual rhinoplasty operation, he will present to you his professional assessments and suggestions. Some of these suggestions (which is usually compiled in different surgical plan options) may include such technical considerations as the removal of a “hump” or “bump” on the nose, re-shaping the nasal bridge, re-shaping the width, re-shaping the fullness of the tip, re-shaping the length of the nose, reducing the size of the nostrils, shortening the nose, and adjusting the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Major attention will also be taken on the position (internal or external) and size of the incision with the general intention of removing or at least lessening surgical traces.

At any rate, Dr. Serure will let you understand these points through advanced imaging devices and  shall explain the details in terms understandable by a non-surgeon. The highly dedicated surgeon will put premium on your safety, satisfaction and smooth recovery after the day of surgical operation on your nose.

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