Cosmetic Procedures Gaining Ground with Men

botoxFacelifts, fillers, and Botox, oh my! These cosmetic treatments have long been associated with women who desire to retain the features they enjoyed in their youth. In recent years, we have seen a steady incline in the number of men seeking similar cosmetic enhancements. What’s more, it is refreshing to see how many people, both men and women, are willing to disclose their anti-aging methods.

Botox. Initially, the purified protein contained in Botox cosmetic was used for therapeutic results, not for wrinkle-reduction. Today, this powerful injectable solution is regarded as one of the safest and most convenient anti-aging methods available. Treatment can be conducted on your lunch hour with no need to take time away from your daily routine. Men can gain significant benefit from this treatment, aimed at reducing issues such as frown lines and sagging brows. Additionally, Botox is often used off label to treat excessive sweating.

Soft tissue fillers. Men experience volume loss beneath the skin just as women do. This issue carries the consequence of diminished masculine angles across the jaw line and the cheeks. Restoring volume with an appropriate dermal filler can reinstate the contouring a man desires to feel like his best self.

Liposuction. As a man ages and experiences a decline and testosterone levels, he may begin to notice that it is more difficult to stay as sculpted as he would like. Fatty deposits tend to accumulate in the midsection and flanks. These areas can be difficult to minimize with diet and exercise, but they can be sculpted with liposuction. This procedure takes just a short time and requires minimal recovery. In addition to sculpting the midsection, liposuction is a popular procedure for gynecomastia.

Blepharoplasty. Eyelid surgery has become a popular procedure for men whose upper or lower eyelids have suffered the consequences of aging. Under eye bags give the illusion of fatigue and older age. Heavy, sagging upper eyelids can make a man appear both tired and angry, neither of which are advantageous. The blepharoplasty procedure can remove fatty deposits from beneath the eyes, and can also remove excess skin from either the upper or lower lid. This precision surgery can take years off of a man’s appearance.

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