Tummy Tuck: How to Prepare for a Smooth Recovery

Tummy TuckDuring the spring, millions of men and women consult with their trusted plastic surgeon about body-shaping procedures like the tummy tuck. This is perfectly understandable. Everyone likes to look and feel their best during warm-weather months when shorts and tank tops are the norm. Of the various considerations we discuss prior to abdominoplasty, we consider preparation for recovery incredibly important. Here, we will touch on a few ways to enhance your entire abdominoplasty experience.

The Yellow-Brick Road to Recovery

Like Dorothy and her friends, plastic surgery patients may face challenges on their road to recovery. To prevent this takes just a bit of advanced planning, and a good dose of understanding.

  • Healing from surgery can be physically and emotionally taxing. Abdominoplasty, in particular, requires you to limit your movements for several weeks. Bending, stretching, and twisting come naturally, but you must be mindful in your activities in order to prevent discomfort. To lighten your load, prepare a comfortable area in which you can sleep when you feel like it, and just relax while you are awake. Load your bedroom with posh pillows and extra blankets, as well as a selection of music, some good books or magazines, and your favorite movies. Just make sure they aren’t comedies! Laughing incorporates your tender abdominal muscles!
  • Aid healing with healthy foods and water. Hydration is important on two counts. First, the body requires water to heal muscles and tissues. Second, there is a slight chance that surgery and / or prescribed pain medication may cause constipation. The more water you drink, the more likely you are to avoid this. Because you cannot cook, it is wise to consider how you can pre-make several dishes prior to surgery. When all you have to do is heat food, or have someone do it for you, there is minimal effort required on anyone’s part.

Additional tips:

  • No driving
  • Walking only, no rigorous exercise
  • Avoid the scale
  • Don’t try on new clothes just yet
  • Don’t use tobacco
  • Call our office if you have questions or you feel something is “off”

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