Avoid Common Beauty Mistakes

Common Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

The right beauty tricks can enhance your best features and help you look your best and feel more confident. However beauty mistakes can make you look old, tired, or heavier than you really are. Here are a few common beauty mistakes to avoid:Girl-at-beach


  • Skimping on sleep: Sleeping is actually one of the most important parts of your beauty routine. Being well rested will help your skin look better and your eyes look brighter. Without the sleep you need, you’re more likely to have dark circles or bags around your eyes that make you look tired, old, and stressed.
  • Washing your hair too often: Keeping your hair clean is important, but washing it too often can dry it out and sap away the color if it has been dyed. In many cases 3 times a week is enough. Use dry shampoo in between washes to keep your hair looking great.
  • Using too much conditioner: The right amount of conditioner keeps your hair soft, smooth, and shiny, but if you use too much conditioner, it stays in your hair and makes it look greasy, dull and flat. To avoid using too much conditioner, start applying it near your ears and work down and use very little (if any) near you roots.
  • Curling your eyelashes after you put on mascara: Curling your lashes can make your eyes look more awake and it can give you more dramatic, longer looking lashes. However, if you apply mascara before you curl your lashes, they could get stuck to the curler and get kinked or pulled out. Curl your lashes before you apply mascara to avoid any problems.
  • Poor posture: Slouching can make you look tired and heavy. Check your posture to make sure that your back is straight, your chin is up, and your shoulders are relaxed but not hunched. Sitting and standing with correct posture can improve your appearance and make you feel better and more energetic.
  • Wearing too much makeup: Makeup can even skin tone, highlight your best features, and improve your appearance, but wearing to much makeup can have the opposite effect. If you wear too much foundation, for example it can settle into the wrinkles and lines on your face and make them more noticeable.


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