What’s Hot in Cosmetic Surgery thanks to our Favorite Celebrities?

plastic surgeryIn today’s society, celebrities are like modern day royalty. We look to them for entertainment, both on the screen and off, for fashion trends, hair styles, and more. Celebrities even drive trends in cosmetic surgery. Here’s how celebs like J.Law, Kim, and Kylie are making waves through beautiful body-shape.

Teeny Tata’s

For good reason, most women considering breast augmentation may feel a certain amount of pressure to obtain a certain size; a particularly large size. In some ways it may seem as though investing in smaller, B or C cup implants would be a waste of time and money. A new trend, however, is to do just that! Actress Jennifer Lawrence is one of the examples of size and shape that we often hear from women seeking smaller breast implants today.

Bottoms up!

In recent years, thanks to celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Kim K, requests for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery have increased substantially. Butt augmentation is a painstaking process that may involve fat transfer from one or more areas of the body into the buttocks. Additionally, highly trained surgeons like Dr. Serure can correct issues like laxity, lifting the backside into beautiful new contours that create beautiful proportions.

Plumping the Pout

Last year, reality star Kylie Jenner created quite the stir with her beautiful, bold new lips. It took some time for the young star to admit to having dermal filler treatment with her California plastic surgeon. However, Google searches for “lip fillers” immediately increased after photos of Jenner were released. There are surgical methods of augmenting the lips, but most of our patients prefer the temporary results they get with injectable treatment. We use meticulous technique through which the risk of overfilling the lips virtually disappears.

Celebrities do not always rely on plastic surgery to look their best. A number of non-surgical treatments involving injectable products and laser therapy also prove incredibly beneficial to smooth, supple skin.

It is perfectly understandable in today’s society to be sensitive about your appearance. To learn more about the surgical and non-surgical methods of care available to you, contact our South Miami office at 305-669-0184.

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