Plastic Surgery is a Man’s Game, Too!

Male Breast ReductionHistorically, the “fairer sex” has been held to a pretty high standard in regards to aging – or staying youthful in their appearance. In contrast, the signs of aging on a man’s face – worry lines, laugh lines, and so on, have generally been viewed as evidence of wisdom gained. Today, we are seeing a collective change of heart, so to speak. More and more men are following in the footsteps of discerning women and scheduling treatments that will keep them looking as good as they feel.

Just because men are finally jumping aboard the bandwagon of anti-aging does not mean they know how to steer their way through the myriad of options available to them. This is where their doctor of choice comes in. Men have unique reasons for seeking professional care, and we understand what those may be. Whether it is to look like the person they feel they are or to keep their edge in the competitive marketplace, we create a plan of care that keeps our patients looking natural – but younger.

Dad Bod No More!
According to statistics, treatment for gynecomastia is within the top five cosmetic surgery procedures for men. Why would any man live with a condition he has little control over? True gynecomastia is more of a genetics thing than a weight thing, though liposuction is a common path to a more defined chest. When necessary, excess glandular tissue can also be addressed. In the end, treating gynecomastia can give a man back the confidence he deserves.

Become a Member of the Club, Bro!
Brotox has become a common expression used to describe Botox treatment for men. The fact that this term even exists demonstrates the popularity of injectables for the male face. Although women still tend to be much more familiar with their options, men are learning. They are finding that the unspoken fears they may have had about injectables softening their masculine features could not be more off-base. On the contrary, Botox and dermal fillers make a great couple in strengthening the male face.
Men are not resigned to sit on the bench as the women in their lives take aging into their own hands. To learn more about treatments to extend your youthful nature, call 305-669-0184.

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