Recover Quickly from an Otoplasty

Otoplasty, also known as ear pinning surgery, is for patients who desire to have less prominent and distracting ears. Although having ears that stick out do not affect hearing in any way, a lot of people get emotionally hurt by all the teasing and side remarks made by others on the appearance of their ears.

Like any other surgery, certain complications may appear after the procedure. By following aftercare instructions, you can prevent these side effects from occurring. You can have a smoother and faster recovery as well!

The First 24 Hours

You may experience swelling and bruising in your ears, but you can alleviate this by keeping your head elevated. You can use several comfortable pillows while you are resting or sleeping. Remember to avoid sleeping on your sides to prevent damaging your newly operated ears.

Two to Three Days Later

Bandages may already be removed during this period, yet you may still be asked by the surgeon to wear a lighter bandage for another couple of days. In a week, all bandages may already be removed. To hold your new ears in their proper position, you may be advised to wear a soft headband.

For more information on otoplasty and how to have a quick and comfortable recovery, request a consultation with Dr. Serure today by calling us at (305) 669-0184. We would love to hear from you!

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