Otoplasty Surgery Miami : Hear Good Words for Your Total Look

Generally it is either you don’t seem to care about the appearance of your ears or it is bothering you. You don’t care because your ears are located, formed, and shaped the way they should be on your face – like a pair of perfectly designed anatomy parts. On the other hand, your ear appearance may be all kinds of awkward that it calls out for some realigning or reshaping thru surgery.

When ears protrude or are disfigured, you can most likely still hear sounds and music. There seems to be no problem. But then beauty wise you may be experiencing a sense of disproportion with your ears in relation to your face. This can greatly affect your whole facial appearance that your self-esteem becomes decimated in the process.

Most surgeons would say that the best time to surgically fix misshapen ears is during one’s childhood (around 5 years old), because bullying and emotional trauma due to ear appearance may altogether be avoided. But if you didn’t get the chance during childhood, you may still opt to do so at whatever age you are at the moment. Consider the Otoplasty Surgery Miami option of Dr. Alan Serure

At his Miami Clinic, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Serure performs otoplasty or ear surgeries with proven finesse and satisfactory results. By thoroughly consulting on your medical condition and aesthetic goals, Dr. Serure will create a surgery plan that will bring about your desired image while retaining a natural flair. He will see to it that your ear surgery will come out as well hidden and sculpted – as well as comfortable on your part as a patient during operation and recovery periods.

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