Facial Plastic Surgery Options in Miami: Which One Is Right for You?

Plastic surgery is something that excited a lot of people. However, many individuals do not know which procedure is right for them. Every person is unique and these unique characteristics help determine which cosmetic procedure is perfect for you. Here at the Miami plastic surgery practice of Dr. Serure, you can take advantage of different plastic procedures to reverse the signs of aging. We have outlined some of the most common facial procedures that can help you achieve your goals of looking good and feeling better about yourself.

Brow Lift

If you have deep wrinkles on the forehead, heavy eyebrows and frown lines, you can benefit from a brow lift. If you easily scar or if you are balding, you may not be a good candidate. Furthermore, it is important that you understand that there is a risk you will lose some of your hair around the surgical site.

Chin Augmentation

If your chin is weak or it is not balanced with the nose, you are a good candidate for chin augmentation with the use of implants. If your bite is not normal and your jaw needs to be realigned, the procedure may not be right for you. You also have to realize that there is a risk the implant will be infected.

Eyelid Surgery

If your eyelids are droopy or you have bags around the eyes, you can benefit from eyelid surgery. People with puffiness around their eyes can also have eyelid surgery.


Sagging skin on the face and neck can be treated with a facelift. The procedure is also appropriate for those who have deep wrinkles and jowls. If you are overweight or your skin is not flexible, you may not be a good candidate for a facelift. Before getting a facelift, make sure you understand that the procedure will not stop the aging process.


If you are not happy with the shape of your nose, you can go with nose reshaping. A large nose or one that is crooked can benefit from rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is done once the nose is fully developed. Also, a person should have realistic expectations. Know that the procedure cannot give you a “perfect” nose. Dr. Serure aims to give you a nose that is in harmony with the rest of your facial features and looks natural.

If you want to improve your appearance with the help of plastic surgery, request an appointment with Dr. Serure by calling 305-669-0184. Dr. Serure will help you determine which procedure is best for you. We look forward to hearing from you!


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