Look Younger with A Brow Lift in Miami

The signs of aging are most noticeable when they are on the face. Wrinkles found on the forehead are visible signs of aging. Time makes the muscles of the face weak and loose, causing the appearance of wrinkles. It is not only time that contributes to the wrinkles on one’s face, but also gravity. Skin loses elasticity as a person ages, and it results to drooping and heavy eyebrows. Constant sun exposure and other environmental factors likewise contribute to the aging process. When these changes are visible, a person may look angry, tired, or sad.

The forehead is a large part of the face that plays a role in a person’s expressions. When it has wrinkles and when eyebrows look as if they have fallen, it will be harder to convey one’s true feelings through facial expressions. It can also obstruct vision.

Through plastic surgery, the aging process can be reversed. Instead of looking old, a person can look younger. A brow lift, also known as forehead lift, is a type of cosmetic surgery done to improve the position of eyebrows that are sagging. It also improves the creases or frown lines found on the forehead. A brow lift will give the eyebrow better shape and position. The goal of the procedure is to produce results that look natural. Once the procedure is done, a person will look younger and refreshed.

To undergo brow lift, a patient should have good health. Smokers are not good candidates for the procedure and will be asked to stay away from smoking and become nicotine-free before the surgery. It is also important to set realistic expectations as to what the surgery can and cannot do. It can make a person look younger but not like you are 18 once again.

Patients that usually undergo brow lift are between 40 and 65 years old although some who are as young as 30 already go through the surgery. Individuals who have lowbrow and other inherited traits may undergo surgery even at a young age.

There are several techniques utilized in a brow lift. It is best to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Alan Serure of Miami, Florida and learn which procedure is best for you. Dr. Serure, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, has been performing plastic surgeries for more than 20 years now. His commitment to excellence has given him a lot of accolades. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Serure and find out how you can be rejuvenated and look younger.

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