Brow Lift vs. Facelift

When you first start to see drastic signs of aging, you may look into cosmetic procedures that could bring back a more youthful look, making you feel younger and more energized. Most women however, opt to get facelifts when a full facelift may not always be necessary. Sometimes a smaller procedure – brow lift can be performed and give you great looking results without a traditional facelift.

What is a Browlift?

A brow lift is a procedure done in one of three ways.

  • A temporal lift is done by your doctor making incisions in the temporal area to lift the eyebrows laterally. The look is a lifted, yet natural brow, and reduced fine lined in the forehead.
  • An endoscopic brow lift is done by the doctor using an endoscope instrument while performing the surgery. |Incisions are made on the scalp and sometime near the eyelid depending on if there are any lines between the eyebrows. This procedure can lift the eyebrows higher, and also get rid of wrinkles on the forehead.
  • A coronal brow lift is usually done to correct uneven brows since it targets precise areas only. An incision is typically made from ear to ear to lift the forehead and sculpt the eyebrows.

Whichever procedure you and your doctor choose, the result will be a more lifted, line-free face from eyes to hairline!

Is it For Me?

If you are only noticing fine lines and sagging around the eyes and forehead, then a brow lift will definitely be the procedure for you instead of undergoing a complete facelift. Take a look online at some before and after pictures of people who have had eyebrow lifts, who have similar problems as you do. Bring these into your initial consultation to show your doctor, and you can decide whether a facelift or brow lift would be best.

Whatever you choose to have done, you can get the results you desire from Alan Serure, MD. His years of experience performing brow lifts and facelifts means he can help you know what you’ll need and do it perfectly!


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