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dermal fillers

Rejuvenate your Eyes: Hide Under Eye Bags with Fillers!

Under eye bags are a problem for many adults. This cosmetic concern, like dark circles under the eyes, is difficult to avoid simply due to the natural changes that occur in the skin as we age. Historically, puffiness under the eyes has also been somewhat difficult to correct. While there are instances in which blepharoplasty, […]

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Is it Your Brows or your Eyelids that Need the Lift?

The eyes are a reflection of your inner vibrancy. They shine when you smile, and are crucial to the impression you make on others. A problem that has become increasingly clear to cosmetic plastic surgeons like Dr. Serure is that heavy brows and eyelids affect a person’s sense of confidence. To refresh the appearance, one […]

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chemical peels

Consider how a Chemical Peel can Rejuvenate your Skin

Patients of all ages have become increasingly interested in non-invasive facial rejuvenation. Dr. Serure and his team understand that, as beauty evolves, so must the treatments to manage aging. We want to ensure that each patient has access to the therapies that will provide them with the greatest benefit. In addition to surgical rejuvenation, we […]

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Liposuction for Men

There is a powerful, positive effect to confidence. Healthy self-esteem allows us to consistently perform at our personal best, and it puts those around us at ease. Innate human nature prompts us to feel more confident when we are satisfied with our appearance. This is equally true for men and women. Cosmetic surgery has long […]

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Facelift Myths You Need to Stop Believing!

A facelift is probably the most well-known plastic surgery procedure the world over. In this generation where selfies have become a thing, many people feel a facelift will keep the effects of aging at bay and boost their self confidence. There are some misperceptions about facelifts, though. Let’s address some of these. “I will look […]

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arm lift

3 Easy Home Exercises to Tone the Arms

No one likes flabby upper arms, especially with all of today’s sleeveless fashions. While an arm lift with Dr. Serure is a solution to “bat wings,” you can try certain exercises first before you should opt to have surgery. Here are three exercises that will tone your arms. Your arms can need a lift. Weight […]

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