Tips For Managing Stress

Girl-at-beachIn small doses, stress can help you focus, stay energized, and feel motivated, but too much stress is incredibly harmful to your health and it can take a serious toll on your appearance. For example, when you are stressed, you furrow your brows, which can lead to wrinkles and creases.

The following tips can help you manage stress and look your best.

Preventing Stress

Start by looking for ways to prevent stress in the first place.

  • Organize your time well and plan your schedule so that you’ll have enough time for all the things you need to do.
  • Avoid overcommitting. It can be hard to say no when you’re asked to attend an event or take on an extra project, but sometimes you need to say no so that you can focus on the things you already need to do.
  • Make time for regular exercise. Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent stress. Pick something you like to do whether it is running, dancing, swimming, boxing, or hiking.

Reducing Stress

While preventing stress is a good step, some situations become stressful and there isn’t much you can do about it. In this case, use one or more of these techniques to lower your stress levels.

  • Read or watch something funny.
  • Go outside for a short break.
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out for 30 seconds.
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Call and talk to a friend or family member on the phone. If you have enough time, meet some friends for lunch or drinks after work.
  • Spend time with your pets. Being around animals can help you calm down.
  • Visit a spa and spend some time being pampered while you relax and regain your energy. At the Dr. Alan Serure Skin Spa by Clarins, you’ll be able to rejuvenate with a facial or relax during a body sculpting treatment that can leave you looking slimmer and reeling more confident.

Managing stress is an important part of protecting your health, preventing wrinkles, and living your best life. Contact us today to learn more about available spa treatments that can help you relax and reset.

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