Recover Fast from Rhinoplasty in 10 Ways!

Once you’ve had a nose surgery, or a rhinoplasty, you want to recover quickly without acquiring complications. For the first few weeks after your nose job, you may notice that your nose is tender to touch so you will need to take it easy. Moreover, extra caution on the treated area always helps recovery.

You can check out the following tips to get your nose in tip-top shape in no time:

  1. Vigorous exercises are a no-no about two weeks after surgery. Engaging in strenuous exercises could cause your body to move up and around in an aggressive manner, which is something that you should be avoiding after a rhinoplasty, or even most surgeries.
  2. Swimming is not a good idea. Chlorine inside your nose could result to a stinging sensation, so swimming pools should be avoided for about three to four weeks following rhinoplasty.
  3. As much as possible, don’t blow your nose for two weeks.
  4. Avoid eating foods that require you to chew heavily, such as steak for dinner. Choose mild and simple foods to chew instead.
  5. Don’t smile too much or laugh too hard; it will cause your nose to stretch and bounce around.
  6. Avoid brushing your teeth aggressively since it will allow your upper lip to move more often. Since your upper lip is connected to your nose, excessive brushing could affect your nose as well.
  7. Avoid wearing clothes that will require you to pull them over your head when taking them off, such as t-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts.
  8. Don’t wear glasses or anything that will rest on your nose for four weeks after surgery.
  9. Avoid basking under the sun for three months.
  10. Don’t smoke three weeks following rhinoplasty. Better yet, don’t smoke weeks before and after the surgery as this could greatly affect your healing process later on.

Rhinoplasty in Miami, FL

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