The Topic of Food for Healing after Surgery

Post-operative MealsWhen you schedule your consultation for cosmetic plastic surgery, the first thing that may be on your mind is what you will look like after your procedure. As planning goes along, thoughts of how to prepare for your surgery will form. What should you do beforehand to maximize the entire process? How will your pre-operative planning aid in your recovery? There are several tips on how to prepare your recovery space with the creature comforts your mind and body will want. But there is another very important aspect of recovery from surgery: food.

Post-operative Meals: How to Choose Wisely
After undergoing surgery, one of the last things you want to think about doing is cooking. Preparing meals for yourself could be challenging enough, let alone the idea that you need to feed others who rely on you. Not everyone has the luxury of hiring a personal chef to nourish them as they heal. This can lead to the idea that packaged microwave meals or eating out could be the next best option. In reality, this could stand in the way of healing.

The body thrives on whole, natural foods. This doesn’t mean jars of apple sauce or cartons of orange juice, either. Any fresh, whole food that has been processed is no longer whole; it is processed! That means that it has likely had additives inserted into it, and these could inhibit wound healing and energy storage. Meals can still be made ahead of time for convenience sake, but think along the lines of a pot of homemade soup or a pre-made salad.

Fiber is Vital after Surgery
It could be the surgery itself, or pain medications prescribed for the days following a procedure, but many people who undergo a surgical procedure experience a little problem with constipation. If you do not prepare for this, you may experience unnecessary frustration and discomfort.

To combat post-surgical constipation, bring leafy greens and fresh fruit into your daily meals, and plenty of water. Whole-grain breads are another excellent source of fiber. Ultimately, if constipation occurs, you may choose to take a fiber supplement to restore normalcy.

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