Aesthetic and Psychological Benefits of Otoplasty

Ear abnormalities do not just affect a person’s overall look, but could also have an impact on an individual’s level of confidence. Kids who have large ears often become victims of bullying. Here at our Miami plastic surgery practice, Dr. Serure helps both kids and adults improve their overall appearance while getting a good boost in confidence through otoplasty.

Below are the benefits of ear surgery.

It corrects different problems.

The procedure corrects various ear abnormalities such as a small, large, protruding, folded, or cupped ear.

It is a relatively safe procedure.

Compared to other surgeries, ear reshaping is one of the safest procedures. There are also lesser risks associated with ear surgery compared to other surgeries. Then again, it is important to remember that risks are still present, but these risks can be significantly reduced by letting a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience like Dr. Serure perform the surgery.

It improves a person’s level of confidence.

We cannot emphasize enough on the ability of otoplasty to improve a person’s confidence be it a child or adult. People who have abnormal-looking ears can become victims of social discrimination and teasing. Students are teased by classmates, affecting their interest to go to school. Research has shown that individuals who have unusual ears have significantly lower self-confidence than those who have normal ears. Fortunately, otoplasty is available for these people.

It makes patients feel normal.

People will no longer focus on the ears but on the individual’s personality, enabling him or her to feel normal. Gaining a sense of normality is very important for both kids and adults in reaching their goals and becoming successful in life. After otoplasty, patients can be more active in social interactions and gain more friends. As a result, kids will be able to focus on their studies and do well in school.

If you are unhappy with the shape of your ears or you have a child who constantly gets bullied and teased become of unusual ears, request an appointment with Dr. Serure by calling 305-669-0184 and learn more about otoplasty and how it can change your life or your child’s life. You can also fill out this online contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly.



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