Bat Those Beautiful Eyes Sooner!

At last, you can already flaunt your gorgeous peepers without the drooping eyelids. Now that you have successfully undergone eyelid surgery, you can now say hi to your new look. Those saggy lids are now a thing of the past.

But wait, don’t get too excited just yet. You will still have to undergo a recovery period to heal those surgical wounds. Don’t worry though. With the right post-care instructions, you will be batting those alluring eyes in no time.

  1. Keep the treated area lubricated using the medicated ointment prescribed to you by Dr. Serure.

  1. Notice the swelling around the area? That’s a normal part of the process. Don’t fret. Cold compresses usually alleviate the swelling.

  1. Keep your eyes moist by instilling prescription eye drops.

  1. It is important to avoid doing activities that usually dry up the eyes, such as reading, facing a computer, watching television, or wearing contact lenses. For the meantime, you will have to deal with these little sacrifices for the better good.

  1. Another tip to manage the swelling and bruising that probably will occur during recovery is to always keep the head elevated especially during the first few days following treatment.

  1. Protect your eyes from irritating substances and from direct sun exposure by wearing dark sunglasses especially when outdoors. Sunglasses can also block the wind and prevent anything from irritating the treated area.

  1. Your eyes will be tired easily for several days to weeks. Know that this is a normal occurrence, which is why frequent naps are advised.

Eyelid Surgery in Miami, FL  

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