Breast Reduction Surgery: Achieving Proportional Breasts of Your Desire in Miami

The decision of actress Angelina Jolie, several months ago, to undergo a double mastectomy (meaning: both her breasts were surgically removed) is a clear enough message for all women. It is not just about the freedom to remove a breast or two when there’s a breast cancer threat (the particular cancer she was avoiding is hereditary and quite rare), but it is more on the basic freedom of every woman to embrace her right on what to do with her own body. Hence, if you are unhappy with certain portions of your body, do not just mull over about it for countless of days. Consult a professional or expert who may help you decide – and then make an informed decision and stand by your choice.

If you are unhappy with the form or shape or proportionately of your breasts, there is actually no rush to have them fixed surgically. But at one point or another, you have to make a decision whether or not you are contented with carrying the kind of body you have – or perhaps a surgical procedure may lead to enhancement of your overall body contour, confidence and self-esteem? If the answer is “yes” to all that, then perhaps there is really no issue what to decide. But, of course, there may be personal concerns that are particular to you – such as being fearful in undergoing surgeries – so you have to put them in consideration as well.

The surgical reduction of breasts (known as breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty) may not be the most popular compared to other breast surgeries, but it is a real procedure sought by both male and female individuals. The surgery is primarily intended to reduce a breast or both breasts of a male patient with excessive large breasts for a man. On the other hand, it is performed primarily on a woman patient because her extra large breasts are making her feel uncomfortable and have become a burden to her regular activities. If you are a woman with this kind of dilemma right now, seek the advice of a skilled plastic surgeon with proven track record in producing successful reduction mammaplasty results.

In Miami, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Serure can definitely guide and assist you in the process of determining whether you should proceed with breast reduction or not. The surgeon will take a comprehensive approach in considering for breast reduction surgery: from your medical history to your present lifestyle. He is fully aware that there are particular patients who may encounter high risks and that such should not be taken lightly. At any rate, if determined by the surgeon and agreed upon by you that a reduction surgery be undertaken, Dr. Serure will provide you with reduction technique options such as the inverted “T” incision, lollipop incision, and the Miami Lift (minimally invasive and maximum impact) technique. The latter technique is ideal for female patients who have less pendulous breasts with good skin elasticity.

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