3 Easy Home Exercises to Tone the Arms

No one likes flabby upper arms, especially with all of today’s sleeveless fashions. While an arm lift with Dr. Serure is a solution to “bat wings,” you can try certain exercises first before you should opt to have surgery. Here are three exercises that will tone your arms.

  1. Your arms can need a lift.

arm liftWeight lifting has can effectively reduce fat from the arms and produce a more toned appearance. Unleash your inner girl scout by finding any object from home that you can use as a weight. A 2-liter water bottle or a huge hardback book may do just fine. Hold the object with both hands and lift it over the head, with your arms starting in a straight position and slowly lowering behind your back. Slowing down on this routine can make your arms more toned.

  1. The chair’s a prop.

A chair dip is an effective exercise that can tone the arms as well as the back muscles. You can use a chair or the side of the bed, as long as it is a little higher from the ground. Perform this routine by facing away from the furniture while your hands are on it. Start by keeping your torso straight and slowly bending the knees to be level with the furniture. As you bend your elbows and lower your upper body, avoid touching the ground and return to the original position. Three sets with 20 reps of this will do the trick.

  1. Do push-ups on the counter


Counter push-ups are a great way to tone the arms with a focus on stability. Facing the counter with arms on the edge and your body moved away from the counter, start leaning forward on tiptoes, bend your elbows, and return to your starting position, just like a regular push-up. You should be able to notice more toned arms after a few weeks of religious exercise.


If these types of exercises don’t make a difference in your upper arms, an arm lift with Dr. Serure could be the answer. Give us a call at 305-669-0184 and schedule a consultation.

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