cosmetic goals

What’s Your Ideal?

Ideals. We all have them. Did you know that some of the ideals that people have are actually tied to current trends. It’s difficult in this day and age to escape the barrage of messages from the media about what it means to be beautiful. Women, especially, are told what is in and what is […]

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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Magic: 3 Benefits to Gain

Pregnancy and nursing change everything about a woman. Some of these changes, such as bringing out a nurturing side, are wonderful additions to a loving personality. Some of the changes that women experience from motherhood are not so pleasant. The body doesn’t look like it used to. Sometimes, the new appearance of the body sticks […]

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Breast Reduction

Supporting your Smaller Breasts

Breast size is integral to most women’s sense of femininity and attractiveness. While we are seeing a trend toward smaller breasts, we continue to recognize the value of appropriate shape and volume for each individual. Breast surgeries have been popular since most of us can remember. However, one of the changes that has been noticed […]

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Eyelid Surgery

Can Cosmetic Surgery Bring out your Smile?

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, or even a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, you may imagine how rejuvenated and refreshed you will look after your procedure. Looking younger is the primary reason why most people seek treatments like blepharoplasty or face lift surgery, after all. According to research, there could be much more to these procedures, and […]

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plastic surgery

Timing your Cosmetic Treatment

Whether it is your face that you would like to refresh or you have an area of your body that you would like to sculpt, timing is everything. This is true whether your elected procedure requires surgery and downtime or you choose a non-surgical treatment like injectables or laser skin rejuvenation. Because many people seek […]

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You Have Time to Get Holiday Ready!

The mere fact that December is upon us may have given you a sense of slight panic. While you’re busy with the normal holiday preparation, there may also be a desire to prepare your face or body for those special gatherings with friends and family. Just because we are in the swing of the holiday […]

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breast augmentation

The Post-Augmentation Workout

The women who visit our South Miami plastic surgery office for breast augmentation are quite diverse. Many of our patients are health-conscious individuals who maintain an active lifestyle that includes routine workouts. If we’ve learned anything in our years of practice, it’s that the person who works out regularly can get a little antsy when […]

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Timing your Facelift

Aging delivers small doses of fine lines and wrinkles, year after year. As you progress through birthdays, you may start to notice other consequences of growing older, such as sagging jowls or flattened cheekbones. At some point, you have a choice to make: do you let time leave its natural mark on your face, or […]

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